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Leading Together: How Brave, Honest Conversations Can Transform Our Lives, Organizations, and Communities


Embrace emotion and shift the conversation.

Brave, honest conversations™
are how we solve the problems in our lives, organizations and communities – together.

We need more leaders willing
to bravely lead challenging conversations.

You are that leader. Now is the time.


I came to you hoping to get a worksheet or to do list to deal with difficult people. Instead I learned how to lead other people so that they will follow.


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Crossing the Divide in Times of Chaos and Polarization

In this free webinar we will explore tangible ways we can play a role in building community and transforming conflict.
April 2024

3 Things You Can Do Today to Transform Conflict

In this free webinar we will cover 3 things you can apply today to bring people together and find a way forward amid challenges. April and June 2024

2024 Training Courses


If you want to grow your skills, knowledge and ways of being to transform conflict in 2024 I would be pretty excited to work with you! You can check out all our scheduled offerings so far here

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It starts with you.

Brave, honest conversations create new, more possible futures.

When we talk together in new and different ways, we get better results, and everything moves forward.

Conflict is a signal that something needs to change. Learn to lead powerfully from the conflict and harness that energy for positive change.



Learn to bravely lead challenging conversations.

Grow your leadership through new skills, knowledge and ways of being



Reflect on new approaches, ideas and ways of working that will improve how you interact with others.

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Get inspired by brave, honest conversations, stories and experiences at your next event or gathering.

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Steph will bravely lead a group conversation on a tough issue, helping you building trust, relationships and results.

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Start today on your path to having Brave, Honest Conversations with this toolbox of resources.


"People are the solution to the problems that confront us. Technology is not the solution, although it can help. We are the solution - we as generous, open-hearted people who want to use our creativity and caring on behalf of other human beings and all life. Relationships are all there is. Everything in the universe only exists because it is relationship to everything else."  


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